Inversion table Reviews

If you have been suffering immensely from back pain and would like to have a pain relief solution that is easy and convenient, then inversion tables are just what you need. Inversion table reviews have termed this machine as a great alternative therapy which used the gravity to relax and soothe you backache and other similar bodily aches. These tables are one of the most bought equipments in the present times. The reason is that the utility of inversion tables go beyond the typical backache problem. Inversion table reviews here have enumerated a number of ways in which this table has been a boon for the people who have used it.

How Do You Use An Inversion Table

Very easy to set up and well designed

One of the primary perks of inversion tables, as stated by the inversion table reviews, is that it can be set up easily in your home without much fuss. Most of the machine is usually pre assembled. This means that you do not have to spend hours at setting up every part and parcel of the machine. The non assembled parts are pretty basic and easy to join and within minutes your brand new inversion table will be ready for use. Apart from the ease of setting up, the design of the inversion tables is a great point of advantage too. The modern day inversion tables come with contemporary designs which are quite scientific too. This ensures that the person using the table will not be unwittingly injured. The inversion tables have good ankle support and body straps that help the person using it to secure themselves properly on the table. The inversion table reviews vouch for the safety standards of the machine. One can use it without the fear of getting injured in any way.

Treats a number of other ailments, apart from backache

Inversion table reviews have also enumerated the fact that inversion tables provide relief for a number of conditions, other than backache. Inversion is a great therapy for giving your tired joints a welcome boost. Due to the rush of blood flow to the joints, you will get relief from the joint pain. One of the major benefits of inversion tables is its amazing effect on the body’s blood circulation. The more improved your blood circulation, the lesser will be the appearance of varicose veins. Such tables also help the back and spine to get back in good shape and also relieve hip pains which tend to damage one’s posture. With the spine back to its natural position, your posture re-attains its former glory.

Inversion table reviews also recommend it for muscle pains. For the ones suffering from muscle flexibility issues, inversion tables can help relaxing the muscles by stretching them. It soothes the tightness and pain in the muscles of back, shoulder, arms and also legs. Another benefit of inversion table here is that it can act as an excellent element for relieving the stress from your joints and muscles. Inversion table can help in soothing your headaches. The gravity inversion therapy, by which the body is inverted and allowed to be pulled by gravity, helps the oxygen rich blood to rush towards the head, improve circulation and also alleviate a lot of the headache. This kind of arrangement is hence excellent for getting a relief from head pains.

To be used with caution by some

Though the inversion table reviews are mostly positive, there are also some caution points that have come up in the reviews. One should maintain a particular time limit while hanging upside down on the inversion table. Beginners should not do it for more than one to two minutes at a time. The more experienced ones can stretch their time span from anything in between five to fifteen minutes. if you feel uncomfortable at any point then you should come back to the upright position. Also, inversion table therapy results in high blood pressure, not only in the rest of your body, but also in your heart, brain and even eyeballs. All these could be highly dangerous for people with already high blood pressure, glaucoma or heart diseases. Hence, if you have any of these conditions, then it is advisable for you to not use inversion tables.